The Temptation of Fate

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There he sees his father alive and well. However, Cyrus is ungrateful, so Zehir suspects it is not his own father. The man removes his illusion, appearing to be Markal, who lived inside the Ring of the Unrepentant.

Successful couples resist temptation and distraction - they do not tempt fate

Zehir has no other choice but to defeat him. Markal is a dangerous opponent, having a lot of troops and is Level 30, with some powerful skills.

After Zehir kills Markal, he feels sad that he couldn't save his father and goes back to the Silver Cities to rule the land. This scenario needs a lot of patience and skill.

Zehir will have to secure the outposts first, then the mines from where he can recruit the troops to fight for him. Doing so will increase his chances of success.

The Temptation of Fate

Is this what you wanted? What have you become?

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Your soul's not forsaken You're walking alone From heaven into hell. Now that you know Your way in this madness Your powers have grown Your chains have been broken You've suffered so long You will never change. When the shadows remain in the light of day On the wings of darkness He'll retaliate He'll be falling from grace 'Till the end of all his days.

Tempting Fate

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  6. Leave it behind Hearing your silence It screams our goodbye Cannot believe it's an eye for an eye Let us go to waste Angels have faith I don't want to be a part of his sin I don't want to get lost in his world I'm not playing this game When the shadows remain in the light of day On the wings of darkness He'll retaliate He'll be falling from grace 'Til the end of all his days From the ashes of hate It's a cruel demon's fate On the wings of darkness He's returned to stay There will be no escape 'Cause he's fallen far from grace Ohhohoho What have you done?

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    Things have conspired to allow me a "window" in which to pursue a sustained period of angling. I've still got to earn a living, thus work has to be attended, but this next week will see me spending more time on the bank than any other period since Loch Awe in I have two targets, both of which are very achievable given the venues I have at my disposal.

    Can I catch a carp and catfish in excess of twenty pounds during the next seven days?

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    Luke - 27 lbs 5 oz It all kicks off tomorrow afternoon and I hope to be blogging about the first session early on Sunday morning. I have loads of ideas that I want to explore and expand upon, as the week progresses.